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Darren Bader: Scott Mendes’s Pleonasm

Darren Bader: Scott Mendes’s Pleonasm

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Darren Bader's Scott Mendes's Pleonasm is the second volume in the Scott Mendes comic book trilogy. Repurposing the "Mendesian" universe Bader originally conceived for the 2019 Venice Biennale, Pleonasm transports the reader to: an anonymous future, the belly of a whale, present day Manhattan, and somewhere near Jupiter. In keeping with Bader's general oeuvre, the reader will encounter a variety of oddities, meditations, and recontextualizations. The comic book also features 5 original advertisements.

Pleonasm was preceded by Scott Vendes's Menice (2019) and will be followed by Scott Mendes's Endive & Lace (2022).

Darren Bader lives and works in New York City. To learn more about him, try Google or

Comic book, 48 pages
Published in collaboration with Archivorum × M, a publishing series conceived for Magic Megève
Baden, Switzerland: Kodoji Press, 2021
ISBN 978-3-03747-105-0

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